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"פשוט מקסים לראות איך העם היהודי מחבק אחד את השני" - "It is simply wonderful to see how the Jewish nation hugs one another" - Netta Lavi, wife of Nechemia Lavi, murdered in the Old City of Jerusalem in October 2015.  

"She became very emotional and was literally crying when she received the book that there were such good people and children... that didn't forget them" - Mindee of One Family Fund describing Adele Benet, wife of Aharon Benet who was murdered in the Old City of Jerusalem in October 2015. 

"I teach the third grade in Yeshiva Torah Temimah. When I read an article about the "Letters of Hope" project I was very touched by the idea of writing letters to families struck by terror. We daven for these families and feel with their pain. Yet I have never had the opportunity to write any personal messages to them. When I discussed this project with my class the students were excited to get involved. Each boy wrote a personal message to a family who lost a loved one. They wrote beautiful, heartfelt letters that really expressed how much Jews around the world care about each other. They were special to read. In the next few days, three other classes in the school decided to participate and wrote letters of their own.  I also had my children at home write letters. All the children had so much to say, expressing sympathy and support. Then I got a request from a parent, asking me for contact information so they can write their own letter! "Letters of Hope" is a wonderful project. We can give each other strength by connecting in this simple way. I encourage families and schools to all get involved. The letters are sent and received with love." - Mrs. Shiffy Meisels, Yeshiva Torah Temima (Brooklyn, NY)

"As a middle school teacher it is very hard for my students to truly feel a connection to what is happening in Israel. Daily tehillim is said but for 12 and 13 year olds this is not much of a connection. Learning about the Don family and writing letters truly allowed my students to not only do a mitzvah but also truly connect to what's happening to other families outside of the communities they live in." - Meira Zachariash, Cahal program at HAFTR (Lawrence, NY)


  • Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School: Baltimore, MD

    • 10th and 11th grade girls created book of letters for the family of 13 year old Hallel Ariel after learning about who she was. ​The students incorporated Hallel's passion for dance into their letters. 

  • PTTS- The Hebrew School of Congregation Shearith Israel: New York City, NY
    (The Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue)​

    • 2nd and 3rd graders wrote letters to Israeli families​ incorporating origami

  • Suburban Orthodox Congregation: Baltimore, MD

    • Hosted shul event to write letters to Litman, Bennet, Govberg, and Yesiab families

  • Tifereth Israel of Passaic: Passaic, NJ

    • Wrote letters to Govberg and Yesiab families at Chanukah party

  • Norfolk Community Kollel: Norfolk, VA

    • Wrote letters to Litman, Bennet, Govberg & Yesiab families at community Chanukah event

  • NCSY Atlantic Seaboard Region

    • NCSY youth wrote letters to Israeli families

  • Shaarei Binah High School: Hollywood, FL

    • High schoolers wrote letters to Henkin, Lavi, Levy & Buchris families.

  • Pikesville Jewish Congregation: Baltimore, MD

    • Hosted Chanukah concert & incorporated letter writing activity

  • Cahal: Community Wide Special Education Program in HAFTR: Lawrence, NY

    • Wrote letters to Krishevsky, Haviv, Don & Yakovich families

  • Congregation Shomrei Emunah: Baltimore, MD

    • Hosted Chanukah carnival & incorporated letter writing activity

  • Bnai Jacob Shaarei Tzion: Baltimore, MD

    • Hosted father-son learning event to write letters to Henkin and Lavi families

  • Block Yeshiva High School: St Louis, MI

    • High-schoolers wrote letters to Henkin, Lavi, Levy & Buchris families

  • Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School: Baltimore, MD

    • 10th graders wrote letters to Israeli families​

  • Congregation Beth Jehudah: Milwaukee, WI

    • Community members wrote letters to families

  • Congregation Ohel Moshe: Baltimore, MD

    • Wrote letters to Israeli families at shul Chanukah party​

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