Letters of Hope was started in November 2015 after Israel experienced a wave of terror which shattered the lives of many families. The goal of the project was to bridge the gap between Israeli and Diaspora Jews in showing those affected by terror that we too care! As two college aged women in Baltimore, MD, we wanted to show our support to those affected by terror in a personal, meaningful way.

We contacted communities throughout North America to involve schools, shuls, youth groups, and individuals in writing letters/drawing pictures for families who had lost a member due to the recent terror. Through community efforts, hundreds of letters, both hand written and through the web, were collected and compiled into personalized books for families. We have partnered with One Family Fund, the leading organization that supports, reintegrates, and rebuilds Israel's victims of terror and war, for this project.     

We received much positive feedback both from the individuals and organizations who wrote letters, as well as from the families who received the letters. Diaspora Jews appreciated this means to connect to their brothers and sisters in Israel and Israeli families appreciated their care & support.

We have since decided to create a website to increase awareness and accessibility of the project. We hope you will join with us to spread Jewish unity/Achdut in this meaningful way.


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